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Located in the heart of the Chicago stockyards, Park Packing boasts one of the only remaining authentic and fully functioning meat wholesaler facilities in the area.

Our products are fresh and conveniently located in close proximity to our butchering facilities. We are literally, your one-stop shop for all things. Park Packing is certified by the Illinois Department of Agriculture and has the highest and continued commitment to safety and quality in meat processing and packaging.

But, quality meats are not our only priority—a commitment to personal service, separates us from all other wholesalers. It is important for us to know that our customers are comfortable and informed. When customers come into to our wholesale facility and want to know if they should purchase a whole or half pig or lamb for roasting at their family barbeque, provigil.

We provide meat to many local grocers as well. At Park Packing we are fully equipped to handle any order. If you are looking for Australian lamb or goat, or a whole pig, we have what you need and our expert butchers can accommodate any cut imaginable!

It is important to us, to provide our customers with only the best in safety and standards in meat processing. We take great pride in our commitment to quality and safety, and confidently pin our reputation on it.

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